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I really enjoyed this, it challenges my perspective on my own leadership style.

By nature I tend to immerse myself in a problem and it becomes my passion, but to step back and assess and to consider the perspective of others is critical. Making sure you bring them with you not just at the start of the challenge, but that you keep bringing them with you and evolve the approach, the team, the required skills, the necessary training accordingly.

As I have progressed in my career I have also learnt it is important for me to align my work with my values. My love of problem solving leads to much greater fulfilment when aligned with my core beliefs. Though I appreciate this is a luxury position to try and pursue.

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I of course buy this, and love it in it's simplicity. Then I notice my inbox and phone calls feature leaders battling their own demons and that of the system to make way to lead as they intuitively want to. Putting the business problem at the centre of the work focus happens less often that one would think. Until it's OK not to know, to make mistakes, spend a meeting getting 'nowhere', be unsure and not be waylaid by politics or other colleagues who trigger you, it can be a hard ask.

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